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Look no further! The truth about why we are one of the top b2b lead generation companies on Earth. Partner with a 100% USA based, full service b2b lead generation agency that’s focused on accuracy and growth. Let Knowledge Hub Media show you what full scale demand generation and content syndication really looks like…


While other b2b lead generation companies are based overseas, Knowledge Hub Media is 100% home grown and Born in the USA. We have been providing the industry with highly targeted, highly qualified, demand gen and lead generation services since 2009.

USA Lead Generation Companies
B2B Lead Gen

Fill Your Sales Pipeline.

We've got insights you won’t find anywhere else. Set your sales team up for success with highly targeted leads from the most up to date - and most accurate - user database in the industry.

Account Based Marketing.

Our suite of ABM solutions leverages content syndication and demand generation to deliver leads originating from companies on your list of target accounts. Get in touch with the right people at the right companies.

Demand Generation Companies

Industry Leading Intent Data Analytics.

Target accounts spiking on specific intent topics and reach out to prospects at the perfect time – when they are already researching your solutions and in the buying cycle.

An audience of 60+ million.

Generate highly targeted leads from our accurate, current, continuously monitored, and constantly updated business-to-business audience.



60+ Million B2B Contacts



41+ Million Companies



90+ Countries

120+ Industry Verticals



Small & Medium Businesses (SMB)

Mid-Market Companies (250-999 Employees)

Enterprise Sized Companies (1,000+ Employees)



North America (US/CAN)

Europe / United Kingdom (EMEA)

Australia / China / India / Asia (APAC/APJ)

Latin America (LATAM)


A partner that you can trust.

  • Experienced: 12+ years of industry excellence, paired with in-house b2b intent data analytics, and a data-centric approach.


  • Validated: With 100% of all leads validated for business email address, telephone number, and contact information accuracy, you will never again lose sleep over data quality!


  • Holistic: Taking a truly consultative approach to demand generation, Knowledge Hub Media listens to your challenges, and provides solutions that are tailored to your unique business needs and target audience.


  • Customizable: The ability to target a large range of specific job titles, across various company sizes, industry verticals, and niche audiences. We can also help synthesize a CPL rate that fits your specific needs and budget constraints.


  • Accomodating: Our flexible lead pacing options will ensure your satisfaction… Leads will only be delivered when you want them delivered and will always be delivered exactly how you want them delivered!


  • Recognized: Various media outlets – such as Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and InterCon USA – have recognized us as one of the fastest growing and most respected companies in the realm of B2B marketing, content syndication and lead generation.

See what our clients are saying.

“Thank you for your adherence to our lead pacing and launch timing schedules… Your leads are among the highest quality of any and a lot are making the (sales) pipeline.”

“Knowledge Hub is our top performing lead generation partner in terms of data accuracy, quality, and ROI. We would like to renew our two content syndication programs, add a third.”

“You guys are by far our best vendor! If you have any info on what your secret sauce is… You guys are seriously crushing it quarter over quarter. So, anything you can tell us we’d love to hear.”

“Your leads always score very well. We consider Knowledge Hub Media our ‘bread and butter’ leads… You make it easy. I wish all of our vendors listened and understood things as well as you!”

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