A Time of Change in Small Commercial Insurance: Turning Gaps into Opportunities

Maintaining profitability in today’s competitive commercial insurance marketplace is essential. However, with so many areas where it’s necessary to make progress, it can be difficult to figure out where to start:

  • Should you capitalize on new direct and digital capabilities?
  • What about the resources needed to manage legacy technology migrations?
  • Or the ever-present call to deliver a more compelling customer experience?

To help you understand how to deal with these pressures, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions commissioned a survey of more than 400 commercial insurance professionals in the U.S., asking for their perspectives on five key factors, including the potential impact of future trends.

Download this report now to discover five insights gleaned from the survey responses and how you can leverage this information to decide what your organization’s steps must be. The insights focus on:

  • The current automation lag
  • Inconsistent use of valued data assets
  • The use of predictive modeling Improving the customer experience
  • How to act on market trends

Identify the gaps that create the best opportunities for your organization and use this information to capitalize on them and gain a competitive advantage!

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