An HR Guide to Remote Employee Mental Wellness

The changes brought about by COVID-19 call for all of us as a society to make adjustments not just in our personal lives but also in our everyday interactions with colleagues. This is especially true for HR professionals who are responsible for helping employees cope during the pandemic and protecting their physical and emotional well-being as much as possible.

In this E-Book, you will learn:

  • How to Work Productively at Home
  • How to Cope with Social Isolation
  • How to Manage Stress During the COVID19 Pandemic
  • How to Exercise While Staying Indoors

About Gympass

Gympass partners with companies to offer employees premium access to holistic wellness options at 80% off market prices. Spanning 14 countries, we pair our unmatched variety and flexible membership options with consistent, tailored programming focused on both physical and mental well-being that inspires your workforce to enroll, stay motivated, and unlock their full potential. Our unique approach is designed to propel employee engagement, improve individual performance, and enable business success by revolutionizing corporate wellness.

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