Everything you need to know about Connected Vehicle Data for GIS Mapping

From an overview of  CVD to exploring the differences between connected car data and traditional mobility data sources, such as GIS map data, discover how CVD can elevate your insight strategy through precision, accuracy, latency and data richness.

In this Connected Vehicle Data Guide, we delve into the fundamental elements of connected vehicle data, and how big mobility data can provide highly accurate road traffic and journey data insights. Discover how organizations make truly data-driven decisions CVD and how it helps GIS organizations deliver maps that are grounded in reality through lane-level data precision.

In this guide we cover:

  • The scale of the connected vehicle data (CVD) marketplace
  • The key consumer demands from CVD
  • The top 5 differences between CVD and other mobility data sources
  • How GIS and Location Intelligence can benefit from Wejo connected vehicle data
  • Data richness - from driving events such as hard braking to weather and traffic patterns

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