Five Cloud Deployment Mistakes that Will Cost You

"With lack of visibility into how cloud resources are utilized, it’s easy to make costly mistakes."

The rapid expansion of cloud-deployed applications is one of the most obvious trends in enterprise technology. The pace of this expansion is no surprise either— cloud technology is laden with benefits and promises. Most often we hear about benefits like “faster,” “lower cost,” “at the speed of business,” “operational efficiency,” “high performance,” “scale rapidly,” and “improved ROI.”

Cloud technology can be complex though, especially when it comes to networking. It’s full of new concepts like VPCs, cloud interconnects, and multiple availability zones and regions. Combined with the rapid pace of deployment and lack of visibility into how cloud resources are being utilized, it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

In this cloud network management whitepaper, we discuss five network-related cloud deployment mistakes that you might not be aware of, but that can negate cloud benefits you’re hoping to achieve. The good news is: There’s always an opportunity to learn from mistakes.

Topics discussed in this whitepaper include:

  • The risks and costs associated with redundant cloud-based services.
  • The importance of avoiding "hair-pin" traffic routing scenarios when configuring cloud services.
  • How to minimize costs by minimizing unnecessary inter-region traffic.
  • Understanding the network behavior of cloud services and taking advantage of basic optimization, configuration, and compression opportunities.
  • Recommendations for reducing Internet content delivery costs

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