Freshservice Service Management Benchmark Report 2021

Businesses today operate in a highly dynamic environment. While digital transformation has been among the key initiatives for many organizations, COVID-19 catapulted enterprise digital transformation to become the top priority for several organizations. If the year 2020 was about the adoption of digital transformation, the outlook for 2021 was on accelerating digital transformation with a renewed focus on adopting a customer-first mindset. 

About the report: 

The Freshservice Service Management Benchmark Report 2021 (FBR 2021) is a benchmark index for key performance indicators (KPIs) for IT Service Management. The FBR 2021 encourages organizations to measure their KPIs, and benchmark against the index thus allowing ITSM leaders to decide and act on what levers to pull, to ultimately deliver a delightful experience to employees and customers.

With anonymously aggregated data from 3200 organizations and over 47 million unique service desk tickets, the FBR 2021 draws insights across industries, regions, and organization sizes for agent productivity, service desk efficiency, and scalability of service management solutions.

The report provides insights into: 

  • Key metrics required to measure service desk excellence
  • How peers across industries and countries perform
  • Characteristics that determine agent productivity and service desk efficiency
  • Future-proofing service management with scalable solutions

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