How Seamless Omnichannel Payments Drive Sales

Consumer expectations continue to shift dramatically. Customers want convenience, great prices, and the same level of service and security whether shopping online or in person. They expect fast, easy experiences across the channels. To achieve this, merchants need to have a strong omnichannel platform in the backend and consistent presence across channels. And the larger the merchant, the greater the expectations from the consumer. Recognize customers across channels to provide a single, seamless commerce experience, while giving merchants a unified view of their behaviors and preferences. 

In order to meet these expectations, merchants are looking to get a single view of the customer no matter where they are shopping to better understand their behaviors and preferences. This can enable better attribution, loyalty, and rewards programs, and facilitate better targeting of offers, with insights and analytics that provide a comprehensive view of customer shopping behavior across and between channels.  

Being able to deliver on this consumer expectation may have high returns for your organization and can be achieved seamlessly with the right technology partner. 

PayPal’s global network of merchant and consumer payment transactions makes it one of the leaders in helping enterprises acquire, convert, and retain customers regardless of how they shop. Its insights and solutions – and now offering in-store payments through PayPal Braintree – are closing the gaps in omnichannel shopping and helping brands to better understand where their customers are and what's motivating their purchases.

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