Improving the Frontline-Employee Experience to Engage, Empower and Retain the Retail Workforce

An estimated 1.2 million jobs were open across the retail sector in July 2021, compared to 876,000 the year prior. The labor troubles come at a time when retailers are also grappling with major changes to their businesses — with pandemic-related shifts to their business models resulting in an increased need for flexibility and new skills among their workforces. But there is a competitive advantage to retailers adopting a workforce focus. Proof is the link between employee and customer experience.

How is your company understanding and engaging your frontline employees so they stay safe, empowered, and satisfied?

Download the playbook for a solution that helps retailers prioritize employee – and, in turn, customer – experience. Learn how to move to a profitable employee-focused future, including:

  • The challenges retailers are facing.
  • The value of a skills monitoring capability.
  • How delivering mobile-friendly capabilities to workers is a must.

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