Insights into Customer Behavior in the Evolving World of Auto, Home and Life Insurance

The digital revolution - accelerated by changes in behaviors and attitudes during the COVID-19 pandemic - has heralded a sea change in consumer behavior and expectations.

It is no longer enough to have an online presence. People want endless options, personalization, coverage recommendations, distribution channel choice and more. They value freedom, ease and delight - and if one brand can’t cater to those values, there are plenty of competitors that will. 

This eBook focuses on how people have purchased auto, home or life policies in the past and how purchasing behaviors are changing. It also investigates how carriers can rise to meet the expectations of the growing on-demand economy. 

What’s in this eBook?

  • Insight into changing customer behaviors pre and post-COVID
  • How Insurance marketers can gain a competitive edge
  • What channels considerations must insurers make to stay ahead of the curve 
  • The importance of personalization in decision making
  • What influences customer decision making today?

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