On Demand: Is the Bank Branch Dead?

Whilst the financial services industry has been largely unaffected by the current global pandemic there is one aspect that could fundamentally change: banking. This sector has had to reinvent itself in a limited time, needing to offer more products and solutions to customers to help them, but also to help their businesses survive.

This has been achieved to some extent – banks in the UK have remained open and their call centres are partially available; whilst in the US their doors may be closed, but banks have set up the ability to carry out more online transactions in a relatively short period of time. The customer’s experience is changing in the banking world, so we have to ask the question: is the traditional bank branch dead?

Join us for this one-hour webinar where we’ll explore:

  • As customers become accustomed to digital transactions, will they want to see more online banking activity?
  • Will moving to cashless societies throughout the pandemic become permanent for many consumers?
  • What is the pressure to enhance the customer experience from pure-digital players in the “new normal” world?

We’re bringing together experts from across the global banking industry to understand the impact COVID-19 has had on bricks and mortar banking institutions. Hear from Stuart Cook, Chief Digital Product Officer @ Valley Bank; Rebecca Allsop, Head of Customer Strategy & Planning @ Skipton Building Society; Peter Smith, FinTech & Digital Regulatory Advisor; and Rebecca Brindley, Digital Product Lead @ NatWest.

This webinar is relevant to senior marketing and digital professionals.

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