Preparing for IPO-Generated Wealth

For founders, employees and early investors, preparing for the IPO itself can be exciting, yet all-consuming. As your company gets ready to cross the elusive milestone of going public, many questions may arise as you prepare for a personal influx of wealth. Some of the questions we commonly get from clients include:

  1. How much will I owe in taxes?
  2. What rules and restrictions will I be subject to?
  3. What should I consider for short- and long-term wealth planning?
  4. Are there different estate planning strategies I should consider?

A post-IPO concentrated stock position is likely to represent a significant portion of your net worth and may require a different approach than your current wealth plan. Aside from an increase in wealth, when your private company ownership interests, founder’s stock or options convert into common shares, you will face a new set of complex regulatory restrictions. Having a clear view of how this influx of wealth affects your long-term goals is critical to your future financial success. Ideally, this can be accomplished with careful planning to address regulatory restrictions and corresponding tax implications.

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