Six Moments Home Goods Marketers Can’t Afford to Miss

Marketing your home goods and services isn't easy. There is a lot of noise and more brands flexing their D2C skills.

Traditional customer acquisition techniques just aren't cutting it anymore, especially when social media CPMs have doubled in the last year. 

Most marketing teams can easily answer the question, "WHO is my prime target?".

In this guide book, Speedeon shows you how you can also answer the equally important question, "WHEN is the prime time to reach my audience?".

If you're a data-driven marketer looking for alternative ways to build your customer base, download this guide to learn:

  • 6 key consumer marketing moments that you can use to launch triggered campaigns that put customer acquisition on auto-pilot
  • How to monitor your prospects' digital behavior for in-market intent signals
  • Calculate the ROI of monitoring your customer and prospect database for key marketing opportunities

This guide if brought to you by Speedeon, the leader in accurate, predictive marketing data and the pioneer of database monitoring solutions, like DATAWATCH. Think of it like a video doorbell for your CRM. 

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