The Aragon Research Tech Spectrum for Customer Journey Mapping, 2017 – Mapping the Voice of the Customer

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is essential for organizations who want to future-proof their Customer Experience and be on top of their game in today’s competitive landscape. According to Aragon’s prediction, *by year end 2020, 85% of enterprises will significantly improve their customer journeys to compete effectively and tap new revenue opportunities.

How are you visualizing your customer experience and mapping the journey to transform your organization? Do you have an approach and methodology in place to share key CX insights and manage changing customer expectations?

Download the Aragon Research report, and find out more about:

  • Reasons to embrace customer journey mapping (CJM)
  • Key product requirements that need to be considered when selecting CJM software
  • The current state of the CJM software market and which vendors can best support your efforts

MEGA has been named a Leader in Customer Journey Mapping by Aragon Research for the ability to meet the market needs and identify future market direction.


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