The Next Big Things for the Fortune 500?

While recently reading the writings of several Fortune 500 CEOs, Lessonly's CEO Max Yoder had one simple, yet profound realization: Their businesses, brands, and teams are dealing with the same challenges that smaller companies are. Now, don’t get us wrong. Training thousands of retail associates is far more difficult than onboarding a few new salespeople. Driving greater productivity across 100,000 employees is harder than doing so for 10. And changing direction at a global enterprise is infinitely more complicated than at a startup. But, regardless of organizational scale, the core challenges remain unchanged. Training will always be important, productivity can always improve, and managing change will always be difficult. In order to lead an organization that influences industries, markets, and even the globe, leaders must meet these challenges head-on. Lessonly wholeheartedly believes that companies who invest in employee development will see radical returns in the market. Will you be one of them?

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