The P&C Insurance Executive’s Guide to ISO Electronic Rating Content

Everything You Need to Know about the Game-Changing Development of ISO ERC™ —and How to Succeed with it.

ISO Circulars vs. Native Consumption of ISO Electronic Rating Content: A Perfect Example of Digital Disruption in Insurance

  • How proper digitization of ISO content saves hours of analysis and programming
  • Why native consumption of ISO ERC is a game-changing innovation

Three Things Holding You Back From Succeeding With ISO ERC

  • Traditional vendors (and most carriers) lack the necessary skills and technology
  • Policy administration vendors have a vested interest in the status quo
  • Fear of failure prevents carriers from trying new ways of doing business

The Winning Formula: ISO Electronic Rating Content + InsurTech Skills and Technology

  • The skills required to use ISO ERC
  • Finding people who have those skills
  • Choosing the right InsurTech partner

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