The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*** Video Summary

To realise that we will suffer in life, not everything is always great, and this book will show you how to suffer better, more meaningfully and with more compassion. Mark Manson is straight-up with his advice but when you have finished reading it, you will have a new lease of life. Most importantly, Mark Manson will help you pick meaningful values for your life and teach you that you don't have to try anymore. You need to have an open mind when reading this book, it’s not going to be your average self-help book but if you’re willing to accept his philosophy you may walk away with a new perspective on the world.

Mark Manson begins by explaining why we need to stop fixating on the positive all of the time. He links this to his discussion about why happiness is actually a problem. Manson moves on to discussing why you need to stop thinking that your special and discusses why he thinks that there is value in suffering. Manson really pushes the message that it’s entirely up to you, you can decide what to care about and what to not care about. He discusses why certainty is bad before explaining why failure is good. Finally he ends his book with a discussion around death and dying and why we need to embrace this rather than fear it.

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