The Top 5 Ways Faith-Based Organizations can Cultivate Repeat Donors

Empower your faith-based organization with innovative and cost-effective ways to cultivate long-term donor relationships by enhancing the donor experience. As you know, for many people of faith, charitable giving isn’t an obligation—it’s a way of experiencing joy. Therefore, it’s important to your organization’s mission to make sure each donor’s act of giving is as joy-filled as possible. Download this Guide to learn how to actively enhance the donor’s giving experience and inspire a lifetime of giving. Using leading industry statistics, insight and expertise, you’ll learn innovative ways to make donors feel special, valued, and like they’re making a tangible difference in the world. As it costs up to 5 times more to attract a new donor than to motivate an existing donor to donate again (Nonprofit Quarterly), these insights are not only crucial to enhancing your organization’s culture of giving, they're integral to supporting your organization’s bottom line.

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