Tips to Help Your Credit Union Integrate Surveillance Video with Transaction Data

Combining video with data from your credit union’s teller and/or ATM transactions enables investigators to search across multiple branches simultaneously, and drill down into the specifics of individual transactions. Depending on the type of software solution your credit union uses, investigators can run searches by card number, account number, or transaction type, and then match transactions with the corresponding recorded video.

This type of search capability can help you rapidly resolve member disputes, verify facts and find evidence of fraud or other criminal behavior. The right kind of video software solution can also proactively notify you about suspicious activity, such as someone lingering in front of an ATM but not making a transaction, or a certain teller routinely handling high-dollar transactions, or opening and closing an unusual number of accounts.

The benefits of a video and transaction data integration are clear. Yet, what many credit unions may not know is how to start the integration process.

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  • 3 steps to start integrating video and transaction data to fight fraud
  • Advice on how to navigate the integration
  • The benefits of video and data integration

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