Tuckernuck: Powering Rapid Fulfillment with Custom Integrations

Tuckernuck, a jewel of an island off the coast of Nantucket, inspired the name for this classic, yet modern retail brand.

When growing customer demand resulted in ongoing order processing and fulfillment issues, Tuckernuck realized that they needed a new 3PL to accommodate their growth and remain competitive.

With their extensive expertise in fulfillment and logistics, Ryder E-commerce by Whiplash was able to not only jump in and implement an omnichannel fulfillment strategy, but also build a custom integration solution for Tuckernuck’s proprietary e-commerce platform. This has enabled an elevated customer experience and a foundation to build a powerful brand community for years to come.

“What Ryder E-commerce By Whiplash was offering was a whole different ballgame in terms of technology and customization.” Jon-Mark, Director of Logistics at Tuckernuck.

Learn more about how Ryder E-commerce by Whiplash created an innovative custom integration and scalable fulfillment solution for Tuckernuck.

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