Why Women Leave: The Law Firm Gender Gap and How to Close It

Date: Thursday, March 5, 2020

Time: 2pm ET | 11am PT

Sponsored by: Burford

The legal industry’s gender gap is well documented: Women make up 50% of law firm associates but just 20% of equity partners. Despite widespread awareness of the issue, law firms are struggling to retain and advance talented women lawyers. Groundbreaking research from the ABA, authored by Roberta D. Liebenberg and Stephanie A. Scharf, investigates the factors contributing to this persistent gap while offering pragmatic solutions for change.

Burford Capital’s Equity Project also presents a pragmatic solution for change. The initiative is designed to close the gender gap in law by providing an economic incentive through a $50 million capital pool earmarked for financing commercial litigation and arbitration matters led by women.

Join this webcast to learn about these pragmatic solutions aimed at closing the gender gap, and gain insights into how law firms can retain and support female lawyers. You will also learn:

  • How firms can support women lawyers and increase gender diversity.
  • What strategies women lawyers should use to give themselves an advantage in an inequitable legal landscape.
  • What tools firms and lawyers can use to close law’s gender gap.
  • How legal finance can help level the playing field for women lawyers.


Roberta (“Bobbi”) Liebenberg| Partner| Fine, Kaplan and Black 

Jessica Woodhouse| Lawyer & Consultative Legal Sales Professional | Burford

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