5 Reasons Why Golang is Becoming Increasingly Popular Among Web Developers

The buzz around efficiency and ease of development with the use of various programming languages never stops. Whenever a new programming language arrives on the block, it creates significant anticipation among developer communities. The Go language, or Golang, is one of the more recent programming languages and is quickly gaining in popularity.

Golang was first developed by Google and is an open-source programming language. It has been successful enough to captivate the attention of the various developer communities and brands.

Let’s take a look at the reasons behind its growing popularity for mobile app development services.

The Codes are Simple and Clean

The codes of Golang are pretty straightforward and reading them is not difficult. It has the simplicity of C and it gets rid of the concept of objects. Moreover, in the Golang programming environment, any value can have a method. The number of lines of code has also been drastically reduced with the help of improved built-in libraries and functions.

Golang does not include a lot of features which helps to ensure that developers find it simple and easy to work with. And, as it has fewer lines of code, it is simpler to debug. Both C and C++ come with high compilation time whereas Golang has a clean and straightforward dependency model. The import option is also very efficient which makes it easier for the developer to compile.

Golang is an Object-Oriented Language

In Golang you won’t find classes. Instead, there are structs that help you to define the “n” numbers of methods and properties. Because of this, many developers are of the opinion that Golang lacks a powerful and rich inheritance.

However, it has polymorphism along with encapsulation. It is interesting to note here that the interfaces of Golang are developed in such a manner that they can avoid inheritance. In other words, these interfaces comply well with the polymorphic code.

No Requirement of Working with Web Frameworks

Golang is a self-sufficient programming language which is a rarity these days. There is no need for developers to work with libraries or other web frameworks.

This is also possible because of the broad range of tools available with support from the native programming languages. With Golang you can develop complex APIs without needing a third-party library. There is also no need to search for the library or any other repositories.

Excellent Community Support

We all know that developers love programming languages that have good community support. One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of Golang is the rapidly growing community. You can find a rich repository of Golang code on sites like GitHub because of this large community of developers. One additional advantage of the community is that new developers can learn this language more easily.

Golang is Static Type

Golang is a static language and therefore it comes with all the benefits of a static language. In addition, the compiler for Golang is developed to look for the code standards. This helps with solving compatibility issues to avoid bugs at the time of completion.

Golang helps in find bugs before executing the coding process. And, as the coding process is free from errors, it ensures rapid execution along with individual output. The static coding helps developers to avoid complicated coding structures. In simple words, the total development time of web apps is drastically reduced with Golang.


Golang is the ideal choice for writing web apps due to the combination of safety and simplicity of programming. One of the critical highlights of Golang is that it is being used by Google and other leading tech giants. It’s no wonder Golang is getting so popular with the development community.

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