A [CMO’s] Guide to Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) enables B2B marketers to treat individual accounts as a market in their own right, driving engagement with target companies and best-fit individual buyers.

Focusing on best-fit buyers enables marketers to maximise resources, reduce sales cycle length and improve ROI.

BM activities integrate well with an Inbound Marketing strategy giving organisations an effective way of reaching the best opportunities for long term growth.

What's in this eBook?

  • What ABM is and how it helps grow businesses
  • Why ABM integrates well with Inbound Marketing
  • Key steps for implementing an effective ABM plan
  • Various methods that can be utilised to target specific businesses and/or individuals
  • How to use LinkedIn for ABM activity
  • Best practices to follow to maximise ABM effectiveness
  • Considerations for technology and tools you need for ABM campaigns
  • Key ABM reporting considerations


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