Maximize Your PI System with Edge Computing

This special report from RTInsights highlights how this non disruptive approach enables data ingestion from new sensor types such as audio and video, delivers faster more predictive actionable insights for greater operating efficiencies, maximizes asset performance, and enhances process improvements.

In this report you'll learn:

  • The value of correlating historical and real-time operational data
  • How edge IoT enables instant insights and improved predictability
  • The best approach to choosing the right edge IoT solution
  • An understanding of how industrial firms use edge IoT
  • How to bridge the IT/OT gap with intelligence at the edge

Here's an excerpt from the report:

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Catalyzing Business Performance and Competitive Advantage
The Value of Historical and Real-Time Operational Data

For industrial companies, digital knowledge is not just power—it is the foundation for better decision-making, competitive advantage, and improved business outcomes. Enterprises use solutions such as OSIsoft’s PI System to:

  • Improve factory productivity measures such as uptime, yield, quality, and energy savings · Maximize internal resource utilization with automation and other modern tools
  • Deliver actionable insight that helps run the business more efficiently and predictably

Yet these systems have traditionally collected only static data about past events. Today’s industrial enterprises rely on networks with a growing number of connected devices. What’s more, a variety of new data types—such as streaming digital, audio, visual, and 3D image sensor data—offers untapped and often unrecognized opportunity.

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