Intent DataCloud: A Truly Unique Experience with Actionable Insights and Metrics that are Leaps and Bounds Above the Competition

B2B Buyer Intent Data Analytics Platform

A true B2B intent data analytics and account-based marketing discovery platform.

Knowledge Hub Media’s Intent DataCloud Platform offers intelligent B2B buyer intent data. Our intent data analytics are derived internally from Content Syndication, Demand Generation, Website Analytics, Email Marketing Metrics and Social Listening, among other channels.

The prospect of utilizing B2B Intent Data grows in popularity almost daily, and when compared to other intent data providers, Intent DataCloud easily ranks among the top. Our intent data analytics platform analyzes the content consumption of B2B companies and their employees in an effort to determine when there is active demand for specific types of products, business services and technology solutions. In other words, our intent analytics give us insight into which companies are likely in the buying cycle for specific types of products / solutions.

Intent DataCloud’s analytics are based on organizational content consumption, such as white paper downloads, asset and webinar registrations, website and landing page analytics, dedicated email marketing promotions, and social listening. In a nutshell, the intent data records houses within our platform can predict “your future customers” before they are even aware that they’re actively looking to buy.


What makes Intent DataCloud different, better than the competition?

  • The Intent DataCloud platform and our back-end analytics allow for geographic targeting (company profiles by country) and install base intelligence targeting in certain, viable situations.
  • Our solution enables easier identification of companies that already have budget and/or have a planned purchase time-frame in mind for one or more products, services or solutions (intent topics).
  • We use a hybrid approach, collecting buyer intent data via content syndication (internal and third party), internal lead generation campaigns, web and landing page analytics, email marketing, page tracking intelligence, social listening strategies, and B2B market research surveys.
  • Implied Intent and Intent Scoring mechanisms are based on the frequency that an account is matched with specific and/or related intent data topics. Intent DataCloud aggregates scoring across several criteria:
    • Consumption frequencies via individual campaigns.
    • Consumption frequencies across multiple and similar content types.
    • The variance in data sources utilized to measure and predict buyer intent.
    • The aggregate sources of information accessed with associated points of data origination.
    • The total number of different/varying channels used to record content consumption and intent probability.


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