AI-based Automation: The Key to Getting and Keeping Finance Talent

One of the most vexing issues finance departments face is attracting and retaining accounting talent for the finance back office. Many of the entry-level jobs that new college graduates typically did in the past are of little interest to younger, less experienced employees used to newer tech. Yet, the clerical, administrative finance work still needs to be done. 
In this e-book, we explore:

  • How automating processes, such as collections, vendor management, accrual entry creation, and handling inquiries saves time and money, and aids in attracting and retaining talent.
  • The importance of implementing AI-based tools that are intuitive and simple enough for a range of employees to use without a considerable investment in training or money.
  • How using Auditoria’s AI-based tools creates value by enabling you to concentrate on value-added functions while enabling better and faster customer and vendor interactions.

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