Appian for Financial Services: Institutional Onboarding

See how Appian's solution for Institutional Onboarding helps financial institutions increase control, visibility, and efficiency. Interested in seeing more?

Financial services institutions looking to gain a competitive advantage in capital markets, global transaction, treasury, wholesale banking and wealth must start by ensuring the onboarding process is fast and efficient. What’s needed is a solution that simplifies cumbersome, repetitive processes, offers full visibility and control, and can be customized for each organization’s specific needs.

Break down operational processing silos, drive down the time required to realize revenue, and provide exceptional service with Appian’s flexible, customer-centric solution for institutional onboarding. Our holistic solution spans information capture, identification, verification, and fulfillment for multiple products and transactions.

Appian streamlines onboarding through:

  • Built-in intelligence for document assembly, validation and content extraction
  • Customizable onboarding templates
  • Complete view of onboarding history

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