Becoming a Quality Leader With Advanced Analytics – Infographic Series Part 4 of 4

Merge field performance data with key customer, product, manufacturing and geographic information for a comprehensive view of field quality. Then apply predictive analytics to identify issues quickly so you can address them proactively before they escalate and irreparably damage your brand reputation - and your bottom line. This is the 4th of 4 related infographics: How have customers leveraged SAS Field Quality Analytics for efficiency & profit - featuring a business issue and solution.

Luxury Appliance Manufacturer. The business issue:

• Lengthy issue identification cycle time.
• Manually processed text-based service orders.
• Used multiple tools for root cause analysis.

The solution: SAS Field Quality Analytics automated text-based coding of claims, substantially reducing manual effort, increasing accuracy and focusing resources on problem solving. Feeding the results into the automated early- warning process shortened issue resolution time and reduced service incident rates.

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