BlueShore Financial achieves operational excellence and drives business growth with Intelligent Automation

BlueShore Financial,  a boutique financial institution with a unique vision was well poised for a seamless transition to remote work overnight during the Covid-19 pandemic by going completely digital with;

  1. No paper files
  2. No file rooms
  3. No filing cabinets
  4. Automated back-office processes 

This was accomplished through the result of having an existing operational effectiveness strategy and intelligent automation from IBM and VersaFile. The pandemic reinforced the success of BlueShore’s intelligent integration and automation strategy. 

Our strategy of intelligent integration and automation enables BlueShore to compete with the biggest of the biggest and will help us become more competitive as we continue to grow.” 
- Fred Cook, Chief Information Officer, BlueShore Financial

Read the case study to learn how BlueShore positioned itself for the future with intelligent automation. Cut through the noise and build an Intelligent Roadmap to Intelligent Automation for real business outcomes with IBM and VersaFile.

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