Building and Deploying Digital Experiences That Dazzle

What if we told you there’s an easier, better way to streamline your DevOps processes? 
Developers need time to innovate, and can’t afford to spend days setting up toolchains, manually backing up databases, and updating outdated application dependencies. 
New tools are empowering developers to decrease ramp-up time, get sites to market faster, eliminate tedious maintenance, and automate common DevOps tasks.
Watch to learn how experts from Acquia and Bounteous are helping developers increase efficiency and create digital experiences that dazzle.
What the Acquia developer tools future holds:
• Cloud Innovations Mission → Add support for modern developer tools to the Cloud Platform UI for a unified developer & hosting experience that excites builders, eliminates manual toil and gets sites to market faster
• Cloud Actions → Perform common DevOps tasks during deployments automatically from the Cloud Platform UI with Acquia best practice built-in
• Code Assembly → Acquia Cloud Platform automatically assembles your code dependencies for your application whenever you push code
• Composer Ready Codebases → Acquia Cloud Platform will provide you with an opinionated codebase that is configured with Composer out of the box!

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