Top Reasons Why WordPress Remains the Most Used CMS

WordPress-DevelopmentWordPress remains the most popular content management solution in 2022. With the way this CMS giant is constantly improving, we hope that it will continue evolving in the future offering exceptional capabilities for website owners to create, manage, and modify content with the changing trends and user requirements. While this CMS started with “ease-of-use” and “customization” as its core competencies, it has improved across many fronts. We are going to discuss a few of the aspects that are responsible for the unshaken status of WordPress as the first choice for website development around the globe.

Stats Reflecting the Success of WordPress

  • Out of the total number of websites that exist globally, more than 43% use WordPress as a CMS.
  • WordPress version 5 is the most widely used version that accounts for 86% of total websites that use WordPress as a CMS. (Source)
  • The global market share of WordPress is almost 64.2%, and Shopify remains in second place with a global market share of 6.2%.
  • The WordPress Plugin Directory features more than 55000 plugins that you can use to incorporate customized features into your website.
  • WordPress powers 14.7% (Source) of the world’s top websites, with over 409 million people viewing over 20 billion WordPress pages monthly.
  • There’s a 12% annual increase (Source) in WordPress usage since 2011 that simply reflects how this CMS giant has successfully evolved as an innovative CMS platform for the entire world.

Top Reasons Why WordPress Rules the Global CMS Market

The above-mentioned facts depict why WordPress dominates the global CMS market. Let’s look at other major reasons why worldwide business owners prefer this CMS platform for their website development.

WordPress: A Godsend for eCommerce Websites

The world of eCommerce is getting much more extensive and fiercely competitive, especially after the pandemic. WordPress has helped businesses stay relevant with WooCommerce- an amazing eCommerce plugin launched by WordPress, offering seamless eStore functionality.

The plugin offers great support for SEO practices to gain good rankings in the SERPs and grab instant attention from worldwide users. This is the best way you can turn a WordPress website into a full-fledged eCommerce store with high-level compatibility and scalability. More than 6.3 million active websites use WooCommerce to offer unforgettable shopping experiences to their customers. It also offers exceptional features such as order tracking, customer engagement, checking delivery status, inventory management, and many more functionalities to enhance shopping experiences.

WordPress is an SEO-Friendly CMS

For any website, SEO remains a critical aspect. Website owners look for innovative ways to enhance their web presence. WordPress offers some amazing SEO plugins, like AIO SEO and YOAST, to create opportunities to rank higher in SERPs. Moreover, WordPress offers high-quality code to facilitate semantic markup. That’s also why Google appreciates the way WordPress approaches SEO, making it a fit choice to help your WordPress site rank better.  

Content remains a critical aspect of SEO, and WordPress has no close competitor in this particular aspect. You can easily create and manage customized content as per your target audience and offer them what they expect from your website to gain better insights into your products and services.

Unmatched Performance

WordPress is an open-source CMS which means you can download it for free and install it without paying any charges. The best part of using WordPress is that it has a dedicated team of professionals who are constantly engaged in tackling its myriad issues and improving it daily. The effort to maintain WordPress as a performance-oriented CMS for modern-day business use is ongoing. The team works diligently to enhance WordPress’ performance on excessive page load times, caching, themes, and plugin development, helping WordPress developers across the globe to optimize their codes.

Moreover, WordPress has a huge worldwide community that quickly gets on board to assist you with any WordPress development issue in real-time. You get an extensive range of themes and plugins to incorporate customized features and functionalities into your business website.

A Step Forward to Headless CMS

WordPress has certainly moved one step forward toward making it a headless CMS (where the front-end is separated from the back-end). This gives WordPress users an extra edge to deliver content with their preferred frameworks and technologies. Using a headless CMS, developers are free to decide where and how the content will be delivered and can adapt to omnichannel presence like websites, smartphones, AR/VR devices, and many more.

This also improves your website’s performance; your web pages load with lightning speed as the static page is displayed to the end-user. Moreover, separating the front-end also minimizes the possibility of cyberattacks making your website much more secure than ever. The decoupled architecture of WordPress as a CMS has made it much more popular among worldwide business owners to ensure flexible, robust, and secure website performance.

Endless Options for Lucrative Web Designs

WordPress has vast and extensive libraries for themes and plugins. WordPress allows you to change the way your website appears to your customers in a simplified and creative manner. You can easily choose among over 31,000 WordPress themes to revamp your website and attract maximum users toward it. You will find both paid and free themes available on WordPress and can choose suitable ones as per your budget and website requirements.

This helps you personify your brand according to the type of business you deal in Plus, as these themes are available on a premade page, you can easily create lucrative designs without any technical expertise. These themes offer high-level customization options to suit your brand and business type so that you can create a long-lasting impression on your visitors.

WordPress is Still Relevant & Will Always Be!

Considering the futuristic scope of WordPress as a CMS, we can conclude that the CMS giant will certainly continue to rule the market in the coming years too. It has constantly improved with time, offering advanced block editors like Gutenberg, WP Bakery, and Beaver Builder. The CMS giant is on its way to becoming the most straightforward CMS where people with no technical expertise can also create and design great websites using its pre-installed templates and plugins.

Perhaps, it will extend its capabilities beyond a CMS and will turn into a robust framework supporting all kinds of applications. Moreover, it will also have a greater focus on improving websites’ security as international robots continue to be a serious threat to global websites. It will continue to improve its credibility by minimizing bugs and glitches. WordPress might modify its app to allow developers to build a website on the go using their smartphones.


Hopefully, getting acquainted with these advantages of WordPress will enable you to build a sophisticated website offering seamless customization for your customers and an unparalleled brand value to outpace the competition.

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