Data Center Network Automation. Simplified

We are living in a multi-cloud world where certain workloads work best in specific cloud environments – large hyperscale public clouds, private hosted clouds or on- premises (on-prem) or colocation (colo)-based private clouds. A recent survey by IDC found that approximately 75% of workloads will reside in hosted private cloud or in on-prem or colo-based data centers supporting end-user-owned private clouds. In light of this, data center operators need to build IT foundations for private cloud that are agile and that enable IT teams to focus on outcomes that  support the digital transformation of their businesses.
Thus, on-prem or colo-based single-site or multi-site data centers must be fully automated and orchestrated as software-defined data centers (SDDC) to support private cloud.

Unfortunately, while compute and storage automation and virtualization have made leaps and bounds over the last decade, software-defining and virtualizing the data center network has continued to be extremely complicated and expensive. This has put SDDC and private cloud out of reach for lean IT teams operating small and medium single-site or multi-site data centers. This eBook takes a look at these challenges and outlines some solutions that can help small IT teams achieve SDDC cost effectively.

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