Delivering the Goods: How to Solve the Inventory Dilemma with Intelligent Inventory Visibility

The pandemic has driven significant changes in consumer buying habits. As multi-channel sales become ever more popular and complex, companies need greater agility and visibility around inventory management and order fulfillment.

To gain cross-channel inventory insight, supply chain and fulfillment managers will need to harness the power of new technologies. But where to start? Led by retail and technology leaders, this must-watch webinar is designed for industry professionals who work in inventory, digital commerce, customer experience, and technology. By the end of this webinar, you’ll understand:

  • The current and evolving complexities of the retail fulfillment space
  • The impacts of poor promise-to-delivery performance
  • How best-in-class technology can solve fulfillment problems, improve cash flow, enhance customer experience, and increase revenue

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