Designing a Best of Breed Partner Program

As solution-markets continue to quickly innovate, partners are emerging as the front line against the changing marketplace. The more agile your partners can be to market opportunity, the more likely you are to secure sustainable competitive advantage. Just as you enable your direct and indirect channels with product differentiation information, your front-line sellers must be able to (and incentivized to) drive your product vis-à-vis the competition.

With over 25+ years executing best-in-class partner/channel programs, we know a well-designed partner program can set the stage for success. In this framework we provide three “Quick Start” areas to accelerate channel revenue growth:

  1. Partner Program Strategy - Establishing the Foundation
  2. Partner Recruitment - Communication & Messaging
  3. Partner Digital Toolkit - Onboarding & Enablement

Download the framework for a more detailed look at the 8 components of a best practice partner program.

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