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How do you increase repeat purchases? 🙋

Repeat purchases or retention with Email, SMS, Forms & other channels has a tried & tested playbook of the right campaigns, templates, automations & benchmarks. In this retention masterclass, we take you through how you can build your retention playbook using Moda.


We'll take you through a live session 👇

🔌 Connect your Shopify store in a single click, and see the magic unfold as 100+ customer touchpoints for all your customers get synced in minutes. Our secret sauce: An enterprise grade CDP

 🪄 See our Smart AI that groups your customers into 20+ ready-to-use segments from subscribers, abandoned carts, 1st time buyers, potential churns & many more!

📧 Send Emails, SMSs & now WhatsApp (coming soon) to any of these segments, or build your own with our no-code segment builder!

🌠 Thinking about design? With 1000+ of well designed emails, based on your industries, to holidays & seasonal offers. We'll show you how you can edit these or create them with our drag-n-drop email builder.

👁️ Our Smart AI recommends subject lines to email content. You can even drop smart data blocks in the emails - from products to coupon codes, all synced with your shopify store.

🔂 For repeat purchases, we have ready-to-use automations you can simply turn on, like Welcome Series, Abandoned Carts, Post purchase upsells, VIP customer engagement, review & referral requests, winback offers & more!

📊 Finally, get all the insights on which campaigns & automations gave highest revenue, what’s not working, and deep insights into your customer segments.

🔮For DTC & eCommerce brands who’re facing challenges in attribution - figuring out ROAS across Ad channels - we’ve created an Attribution tool that comes free with Moda!

🎁 Special Offer: We're offering a special discount of 30% only for our webinar participants!

NOTE: The purpose of this webinar is to showcase the success formula that has worked for brands using Moda.

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