Global Equity Insights: How Innovative Companies Gain a Powerful Edge on Rivals

We live in a world where the pace of change is rapid. Disruption is omnipresent, accelerated by low interest rates and easy credit. Often, it has a “winner takes all” dynamic, with early movers grabbing the lion’s share of the spoils. Old business models can be blown out of the water by new entrants that can compete better on cost and quality. For investors, understanding the economic and market impact of these changes is imperative. At the individual stock level, it is even more crucial, as the return differential for stocks on the right and wrong sides of these dynamics has been substantial.

Download this white paper now to get key insights on global equities and how you can help your clients invest with the changing market in mind. You will learn:

  • How an accelerated range of disruptive trends has continued to transform industries and economies
  • Options some advisors can use to take advantage of trends to try and positively impact returns for investors
  • Strategies that will help you pinpoint companies on the right side of change

Your job often requires difficult choices, but skill, experience, and deep insights can help you invest your clients’ money wisely. Act now to learn ways you may be able to grow clients' portfolios and hopefully boost your business.

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