M&A Guide: How to Merge Tech Stacks for Cloud-Forward IT Managers

In the age of SaaS, mergers and acquisitions present unique challenges. With large tech companies purchasing hundreds of SaaS applications throughout the enterprise, massive tech discovery and integration operations are in order. 

Modern SaaS management opens the door for cost containment opportunities, risk mitigation, and increased efficiencies for years to come. Consequently, in the case of mergers and acquisitions, taking control of the technology landscape is a game changer: the creation of a SaaS Integration Roadmap is necessary.

The lack of leadership visibility of enterprise-wide SaaS investments presents problems for innovative IT leaders. As the balance between innovation and “keeping the lights on” becomes ever more complex for IT leaders, alignment throughout the enterprise has never been more important. 

Through careful reporting and planning, the SaaS Integration Roadmap creates alignment between IT, LOBs, and leadership throughout the M&A process. Through the roadmap, IT can meet the goals of innovation, cost containment, cross-department collaboration, and employee experience as a unified organization with a cohesive tech stack. 

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