On Demand Webinar: How Modern Security Leaders are Tackling Threat Hunting

Today’s hackers have evolved immensely; their targets are exceedingly specific and extremely precise. In addition, these highly skilled cyber criminals have become much slier, often moving laterally to remain undetected. These advances have resulted in a need for organizations to adapt and strengthen their security efforts.

For security leaders to overcome these adversaries, they must retire the traditional compliance-based way of operating, instead transition to thinking proactively. One method organizations are using to stay ahead of these threats is intricate endpoint detection and response technology. This tool focuses on identifying and investigating suspicious activities, allowing leaders to address the need for continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats.

Join Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Sophos, for 2019 CISO Webinar Recording: How Modern Security Leaders are Tackling Threat Hunting. Topics discussed during the event include:

  • The evolution of hacker threats
  • Ways organizations detect advanced cyber attacks
  • Benefits of Endpoint Detection and Response software
  • How organizations can stay ahead of hackers

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