How Process Mining is Changing the CFO Role

It also offers a guide to how process mining can help you respond to this transformation, specifically tailored to your role as a CFO. In short, process mining can:

  • Lay the groundwork for decreased costs and increased productivity through automation;
  • Provide the raw data needed for finance workers to support managerial decision-making and ensure financial stability;
  • Serve as an information-gathering mechanism allowing CFOs to act as a key connection point within an organization, distributing data and conclusions across teams;
  • Quickly and easily identify non-compliant behavior within an organization’s processes;
  • Help you understand how your business processes are executed and flow in the real world, serving as the basis for effective process optimization and change management projects.

Along the way, you’ll also see insights from Signavio experts and customers, sharing tips and tricks you can use, and issues you need to know about.

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