How Retailers Can Recession-Proof Their Business

Depending on which expert you ask, you’ll get a contradictory answer. A recession is coming. No, it’s already here. No, it’s not coming at all.

The confusion is understandable because the signals are mixed. Big companies are preparing for an economic downturn with hiring freezes, layoffs and more conservative spending. At the same time, increased job growth implies the economy is heading in a more positive direction.

While retailers can’t predict the future, they can prepare for it. This playbook provides insights on why business owners need to understand the time-tested abilities to maintain a customer focus while adopting new tools to get through both good and bad times. The playbook:

  • Highlights what happened in the Great Recession of 2008
  • Covers how retailers were impacted during the 2020 pandemic
  • Provides insights on why lessons from the past can help, and strategies to put lessons of the past to work

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