How to Power Offline-First Apps That Are Always Fast and Never Fail

Today's app users are more mobile than ever, frequently moving in and out of areas that have slow internet or none at all. But they still expect your apps to function smoothly at all times, or else they’ll quickly quit using them altogether. To meet these high expectations, you need a modern database that can be embedded in mobile and edge devices to eliminate dependency on the internet and make your apps speedier.


In this webinar, we explore:

  • The toughest mobile app challenges that come with a cloud-only architecture
  • How offline-first apps can provide the “always fast, always on” experience users expect
  • Why an embedded database with built-in synchronization is the only way to guarantee ultra-fast responsiveness and 100% application uptime 
  • Use cases for offline-first applications in healthcare, gaming, retail, food service, and other industries


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