Increasing Consumer Engagement With Experiential Retail

As the holidays approach and customers increasingly return to in-store shopping, retailers should ensure their omnichannel strategies connect the online and offline experiences and deliver on experiential retail.

Despite understanding the need, some retailers still struggle with implementing this vision. They may fall short with their omnichannel strategy, lack a communication system with employees or customers, or have inefficiencies in fulfillment that make it challenging to deliver on customer expectations.

This playbook will help retailers understand the importance of an omnichannel strategy in today’s competitive retail landscape. Learn tactics for integrating customer data to ensure frictionless experiences, both online and in-store. Plus, discover: 

  • How multichannel is drastically different from omnichannel engagement
  • Why automation is essential for streamlining the omnichannel approach
  • How retailers can develop successful experiential selling strategies

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