Internal Sales Communications: Removing the Hidden Barriers to Closing Deals

The deal just won’t close.

It’s projected to be the biggest your company has ever seen, and you’ve had a team of your top performers working on it for months. Your reps are agonizing over every interaction with the customer—they’ve scrutinized every cold call, email, demo, and negotiation to try and determine what you might be missing. But frankly, no one can determine why this pipeline isn’t translating to your bottom line.

What if we told you the roadblock has little to do with your customer interactions—that instead your internal sales communication (or rather, the lack thereof) is the hidden barrier to closing deals.

Without internal unity, you’re left with a slower sales cycle, lost deals, and frustrated customer interactions.

In this e-book, we’ll take a look at each of the friction points that can occur between roles and demonstrate how visuals can build a solid bridge that will align your sales org so you can close bigger deals faster.

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