Is Your TA Tech Helping–Or Hurting–Your Employer Brand?

Employer branding remains an essential aspect of an organization's talent attraction and retention strategy, especially as teams continue to navigate our new world of work. While companies devote major resources to employer brand development, many must also ask one of the most relevant questions: Is our talent acquisition team using its recruiting technology in ways that help—or hurt—the organization's employer brand ROI?

GR8 People takes a closer look at the answer to this question by examining how talent acquisition teams can ensure their tech stack delivers the positive candidate experiences necessary for employer brand health. You'll come away with a framework for how to map critical TA tech features and functionality to job seeker activities across four key phases of the candidate journey:

  • Consider
  • Apply
  • Interview
  • Offer

The result is an elevated candidate experience that advances your organization's employer brand while increasing your returns on the investment.

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