Macs in the Wild: Securing Your Mobile Workforce and Their Devices


MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads make great travel companions for your employees. They’re sleek, light, and attractive. Especially to cyber criminals due to potential valuable corporate data that can be stolen from these devices. Join this webinar, presented by Jason Snell and Peter Havens, Director of Product Management with Centrify, to learn how to set up a strong defense against would be device, identity and data theft for your mobile workforce.

You will learn how to:

  • Ensure your company owned Macs and mobile devices are enrolled for management and remain enrolled via Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
  • Leverage identity-based policies to ensure only the right people can access your company device and data
  • Empower your workforce by automatically provisioning resources such as applications, WiFi, VPN, home directories, PKI, etc
  • Limit exposure of business-critical data by ensuring only secured Mac and mobile devices can access your apps
  • Centrally manage FileVault device encryption keys to add extra layers of protection for corporate data

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