Opportunities for Contract Management Digitalization in Railroads Today

Contracts: For railroads today, they are equally as rewarding as they are complex. Given that contracts bind and define relationships with partners, suppliers, vendors, and labor unions, it's no surprise that they have a direct impact on a company's revenue, compliance, and mitigation of risks. 

In this Industry Perspective, you'll get a deeper look at what opportunities you have to digitalize contract management in your railroad, specifically in the areas of: 

  •  Leasing 
  •  Differential pricing 
  •  Right-of-way 
  •  Collective bargaining and union agreements 

Whether you work on the legal, procurement, commercial, or compliance sides of the business, you'll want to stay up-to-date on opportunities to migrate your contracts to a cloud repository, and analytics, automation, and AI capabilities to intelligently identify risks and exercise complete control over contract operations. 

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