Regulatory Compliance to Competitive Differentiation for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Consumers and governments respectively are becoming increasingly more demanding in terms of food safety and health and the provision of detailed product information. Food recalls and scandals have illustrated the devastating impact that food safety issues can have on sales and, even worse, brand value. These risks can be mitigated by a detailed traceability policy but more importantly, there is a lot of opportunity to be gained by moving beyond the regulatory pressures and embracing end-to-end traceability as a business differentiator.

Ultimately, however, food & beverage manufacturers need to determine where they want to be on the traceability spectrum. Here are some actions to consider:

  • Consider moving from a reactive (regulatory, cost-driven approach) to a proactive (value-add) approach
  • Consider enterprise application software for end-to-end visibility of operational processes across the value chain
  • Use traceability as the business case for digital transformation

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