Reshaping A/R Collections Like a Pro

Over the last few years, the function of A/R departments has shifted beyond the day-to-day tasks of monitoring overdue invoices and resolving disputes to strategic activities like collections, and these new job responsibilities—coupled with inefficient procedures and the move to remote and hybrid workplaces—are overburdening A/R teams. The solution? Digital tools that automate time-consuming manual tasks and streamline complex projects.

​In this playbook, we dive into the critical role automation can play as workplaces move online. After reading this playbook, you’ll have a firm grasp on why A/R collections processes need to automate and understand:

  • How automation can increase efficiency
  • The role of risk—and how to better protect information that is shared or transferred electronically
  • The automation capabilities that help you forecast cash flow, identify client payment patterns, and implement smart workflows

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