Seven of the Latest Design Trends for Your Company’s Website

Trends change as every new era demands innovative solutions. Website designing is itself a comprehensive solution of providing a swift and easy browsing or shopping experience to users and buyers. The latest designs have evolved immensely from static to dynamic and multilingual ones.

With the increase in mobile technology, the trends are moving towards responsive, mobile friendly designs. A change in the global spectrum equally affects website designing in Dubai and other parts of the world. Professionals and digital agencies have to keep up with the latest trends to offer the best designs to their clients. This post discusses some of the top trends in web design today.

  1. Dark Mode

Dark mode provides users with better usability. It is quickly becoming popular because it helps websites look more modern and attractive. You can see it in the apps you frequently use. For example, Facebook and Gmail have a dark mode. Changes to the interface and the black background help highlight content and make viewing easier on the eyes.

  1. 3D Elements

With new technologies comes new equipment and applications that create more innovative opportunities for designers to explore. Examples of this are 3D art and design which commonly used attract users. They can now offer immersive 3D elements in designs. For website managers, it has proved to be useful in engaging visitors and increasing page view times.

  1. White Spacing with Solid Frames

White spacing is not new in web designing because it is considered mandatory for making the layout readable. However, it has been redefined with solid frames. Designers are now figuring out various ways to utilize white space between different elements. The solid structures and blocks allow them to add white space to segregate elements and make them more visible.

  1. Graphics Rich Photography

Simple photography is not attractive enough anymore. Every element of web design should communicate a certain message. You can help clarify your message with graphics and illustrations. A static image may not be as effective as a graphically rich one.

The trend customizes product or event images to make them speak. This helps users find remember the message, brand, or store. It is more like a collage as it requires designers to merge graphics with photography. You can utilize this technique to match the appearance of graphics and illustrations with the brand identity.

  1. Simplified Navigation

With the increase in mobile devices and wearable technology, web design trends are focused on web designs that accommodate small screen sizes as well. Among many elements, one major challenge for designers is navigation. With highly simplified and a minimalist approach to navigation, you can improve the user experience for your site.

  1. Uneven Design Elements

The use of uneven design elements is also becoming more common. These appear as handwritten or hand-drawn, which appeal to users. The imperfect designs are said to invoke an emotional response from users as they can relate them to the writings and designs of their childhood. In the era of advanced design tools and application this might seem counterintuitive. However, it is the uneven nature that makes these designs attractive. It can also set you apart from other brands as you are not following the routine design patterns.

  1. Lazy Scroll

Content that is shown all at once on a website or shown on multiple pages is often quickly disregarded by users. To save server usage and show content only when needed, developers use the latest design trend, lazy loading. Content like videos, images, or blog posts are shown as a user scrolls down the page. This type of scrolling can help increase user engagement, which leads to higher conversions.

Every company needs to know the basic techniques and standards for website design. However, to keep the staff updated and offer clients the most attractive designs, they need to keep up with the latest trends.


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