Six Smarter Scheduling Techniques For Optimizing EDA Productivity

Given the enormous investment in tools, design talent, and infrastructure, even minor improvements in server farm efficiency can significantly impact the bottom line. As a result, verification engineers and IT managers are constantly looking for new sources of competitive advantage.

Workload management plays a crucial role in helping design teams share limited resources, boost simulation throughput, and maximize productivity. In this paper, we discuss six valuable techniques to help improve design center productivity:

Monitoring, measuring, and optimizing the EDA infrastructure

  1. Employing high-throughput scheduling
  2. Adopting a license-first scheduling policy
  3. Mapping and optimizing design flows and simulations
  4. Optimizing hardware emulation workloads
  5. Leveraging the cloud to augment on-premises resources

By adopting these techniques and products in the Altair® Accelerator™ portfolio, organizations can realize higher levels of efficiency and performance and dramatically improve productivity with smarter workload scheduling.

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