SMS for Business Marketing – The Top Six Tips You Need to Know

As more and more people increase screen use each day, and the fight for attention has become more difficult for businesses and service providers. Even tried and tested online marketing tools such as ad banners, sponsored content, and email marketing are working hard to attract consumers who want to get to their content immediately. Fortunately, businesses can maintain visibility by using SMS marketing in their campaigns.

Wait, SMS? As in text messaging? As difficult it is to believe, the answer is yes. Short message service (SMS) has been around for decades, and it did have its fair share of the spotlight before social media. However, as instant messaging apps have become more popular, the need for SMS messaging took a hit. Still, research shows that more than 90% of text messages are opened within the first 3 minutes upon receipt. This means straightforward but personalized text messages have the ability to let potential customers know that you have a product or service they might be interested in.

Maximizing Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Launching an SMS marketing strategy has several perks. First, you can send text messages to everyone who has a mobile phone and you do not have to worry whether they have an internet connection. Second, this technique costs almost nothing. All you need are your creative juices for composing text messages that capture your recipient’s attention. Third, SMS delivers messages instantly and they are opened almost right away. This means your promotion or information can quickly and easily be read. And finally, SMS marketing opens a lot of opportunities for your business to improve customer service and acquire feedback.

Here are six SMS business marketing tips to help you get started:

  1. Personalize your message – Use the second person when crafting your message. Reading a text directed to the recipient makes the message more personal. Some companies also use the names of their clients or mention details of their recent transactions or activities as personalization techniques.
  2. Keep things interesting – Never write a boring text. Read the text aloud and imagine whether you would want to read the entire thing if you’re the one receiving the SMS. Also, your content may focus on offering promos, discounts, and other exciting deals that will get the reader’s attention.
  3. Provide valuable tips in your niche – Short, informative content or texts help enhance engagement among your target audience. Staying updated with recent developments in your industry is another way to keep your customers waiting for your subsequent text messages.
  4. Use text messages as reminders – Another use of SMS messaging is for reminders. You may send your business’ contact list notifications regarding upcoming deals and promos. Make them feel that they are in the ‘inner circle’ because of your constant reminders.
  5. Grow your contact list – Never settle to what you have now. If you have a hundred names on your contact list, then aim for 200 next month, and so on. Growing your list expands your reach and potential target market.
  6. Remember to ask for feedback – Asking for feedback is another way to create an engaged community of consumers. A little reminder when asking for feedback: make sure you are willing to consider the suggestions of your customers. Otherwise, there is no point in asking for feedback
Start SMS Marketing for Your Business Today

The endless possibilities in using text messaging can boost your business’ popularity, making it essential to embrace this marketing tool. Even if everyone else around you uses banner ads and email blasts, getting a head start in text messaging marketing can help you reap the benefits as you go.

There are two possible ways to begin this type of marketing campaign. First, you may contact an SMS marketing partner that can facilitate everything you need to start. Or second, you could do everything yourself. The first one is ideal for those startups that have not taken off just yet, while the latter can be an option for businesses that already have a solid following and regular customers. Whatever you plan to do, you have to make that decision now.

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